Rollonoff Container Hire (RORO Hire)

When our range of chain lift skips just won’t handle the volumes of waste being produced on a fast moving site, consider hiring a Rollonoff container. Our dedicated account managers can advise you on the most suitable container for the waste streams being produced. From a low sided 15 Cubic yard container to be used for segregated sand, soil and stone to a 40 Cubic yard container to take lightweight industrial or commercial waste.

Features on offer include low level access, open top or fully enclosed, lockable rear door and compactor compatible options. You’ll find that every possible waste stream is catered for with smart, quick, affordable solutions. Give our team a call today.

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Low Side Container

15,16,18,20 and 25 cubic yard capacity Roll on Roll off containers measure around 1.5m in height and 6m in length. Rather than being lifted by chains and hydraulic arms, they roll off the back of the delivery lorry and roll back on again when collected. This means that they are ideally suited for heavy waste streams such as Hardcore, Soil, and other dense materials. Loading is made easy too with a large hinged door at one end.


High Side Container

The 40 cubic yard Roll on Roll off unit is one of the largest industrial containers available for waste removal. Standing over 2.5m tall and a similar width these large volume containers can be loaded from above or via the “barn door” at one end. Ideal for reducing transport costs by bulking together large, low density recyclable waste streams such as Timber, Cardboard, Metals and Plastics


Enclosed Container

Large enclosed Roll on Roll off containers are an excellent way to control and contain lightweight waste streams from escaping your control. This is a key element in the duty of care that every waste producer has.


Compactor Compatible

Roll on Roll off containers that are compatible with compactors and balers are an easy way to store large volumes of recyclable material on site, compress its volume and save money. Factories and other industrial and commercial sites will benefit from these popular units