Plumbing, Pumping & Welding

Our typically British weather is a constant challenge and with a range of submersible pumps, puddle pumps and flood kits we are on hand to help you keep your head above water. If its not the heavens opening that has caused the problem we can also get you back on track with our welding kits and pipework equipment. A combination of pipe threaders, cutting and jointing tools along with MIG, TIG and ARC welding kits can quickly get any pipework problems corrected.

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Dust & Fume Extraction

No body wants to be the one left to clean up. Dust extraction units are designed to be used to prevent or collect the unwanted dust produced by power tools on site. Designed to be lightweight but powerful these units can be applied directly to tools such as grinders, sanders, drills and cutting equipment. We also provide heavy duty extractors and for the working environment there are air cubes and filtered extractors to remove fumes, smoke, gases and dry dust for cleaner and healthier working conditions helping to keep you up to date with safety regulations and welfare standards.

Dust & Fume Extraction Dust & Fume Extraction2

Fall Protection, Restraint & Escape

Safety is our number one priority. When working either above or below ground keeping you safe is what matters most to us. Fall protection systems are designed to keep you safe in the event of a fall whilst our restraint systems keep you as far away as possible away from possible danger. For the times when you need protection from industrial and hazardous environments our escape kits are deigned to give you the time needed to retreat from a hazardous emergency.

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